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Speak the Speech

Company NameSpeak the Speech
Company TypeTheater Company
LocationPortland, Oregon, USA
WebsiteOfficial Website
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About the Company

A small organization working to freely distribute engaging audio presentations of all of Shakespeare's plays to as wide an audience as possible via the internet and other electronic media.

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(Productions are in reverse chronological order)

  1. Romeo and Juliet (2008, Marc Friedman, USA) .... producer
  2. The Winter's Tale (2008, Sacha Reich, USA) .... producer
  3. Henry IV: Part Two (2007, Edgar Reynolds, USA) .... producer
  4. Henry IV: Part One (2006, Edgar Reynolds, USA) .... producer
  5. As You Like It (2005, Diane Englert, USA) .... producer
  6. Twelfth Night (2005, Edgar Reynolds, USA) .... producer
  7. Macbeth (2004, USA) .... producer
  8. Richard III (2004, USA) .... producer
  9. The Merchant of Venice (2004, USA) .... producer
  10. The Tempest (2004, Cynthia J. McGean, USA) .... producer

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