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A farmer sows his crop in the foreground, while behind him horses are used to harrow the soil -- break it up in preparation for sowing. From the Roxburghe Ballads. University of Victoria Library.

Tusser's calendar for Spring:

Sow barley in March, in April, and May,
The later in sand, and the sooner in clay.
(Wheat was sown in the autumn, in September and October.)

White peason sow,
Scare hungry crow.

One day ere ye plough,
Spread compost enow.

The Church calendar was a convenient way of remembering what should be done when, even when it came to the timing of bringing bull and heifer together:

From bull, cow fast Till Crouchmas be past,
From heifer bull hide thee
Till Lammas doth bid thee.

1st August, originally celebrated as a Harvest festival.
The festival of the Invention [finding] of the Cross (May 3). The mother of the Christian Emperor Constantine was supposed to have found the Cross on this day.

More activities in Spring. . .