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The Tudors


  1. Henry's wives

    wife fate child
    1: Catherine of Aragon Divorced; died of natural causes Mary
    2: Anne Boleyn Beheaded Elizabeth
    3: Jane Seymour Died after giving birth Edward
    4: Anne of Cleves Divorced; outlived Henry none
    5: Catherine Howard Beheaded none
    6: Catherine Parr Outlived Henry none
  2. The Tudors chronologically

    Henry VII 1485-1509
    Henry VIII 1509-1547
    Edward VI 1547-1553
    (Jane Gray) (9 days)
    Mary 1553-1558
    Elizabeth I 1558-1603

    A nine-day reign

    Lady Jane Gray was briefly declared Queen by a faction of Protestants who were trying to keep Mary, who was a Catholic, from the throne.