Internet Shakespeare Editions

Our Vision for the Future

Enhancing our academic content

All Shakespeare's plays are being re-edited for the site by scholars from around the world. The full process of editing a play takes many years, but we will be adding regularly to those that are being edited, publishing sections as they are completed.

One of the great advantages of the digital medium is that published works can be kept up to date as new scholarship is published. Our editors and research assistants will work to ensure that our texts and bibliographies are kept up to date.

One of our most visited areas is the section of the site on Shakespeare's life and times. We are introducing changes that will allow us to ensure that these pages are steadily improved: a wiki-like interface will allow invited scholars to update and expand these pages.

Enhancing multimedia

In our performance database we plan to introduce an increasing number of videos to illustrate important moments in the plays. While copyright and the requirements of actors' unions limit the kinds of videos we can display, we are working towards the creation of a library of recorded performances, both for historical interest and teaching purposes.

Enhancing the pedagogical value of the site

By creating a new section of the site, a "Classroom," we will make the site accessible and useful both for teachers and students. Our editions are already being used extensively in the classrooms of teachers at the post-secondary levels; we plan to extend their usefulness for students and teachers at high school by providing hints (through pop-up windows) on ways of using pages in teaching. Eventually we will create in the Classroom an area where teachers can find quick ways of using the site, including lesson plans, "treasure hunts" for information, and more.

Enhancing our use of technology

The Web is constantly changing and its technology developing; the ISE is committed to keeping the site current in technology and design as well as in content. Here are some examples of features we plan to include as funding becomes available:

Reaching beyond Shakespeare

The ISE also supports two sites that make early modern plays by authors other than Shakespeare available: the Queen's Men Editions, and Digital Renaissance Editions. These sites will continue to expand, adding materials that can be cross-referenced with Shakespeare and each other. Together the ISE and its associated sites will provide a growing repository of scholarly materials for students and researchers.

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