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How to Use this Site

The site uses two ways of navigating. One is like looking through a subject catalog in a library, the other like finding your way through a building. The subject catalog is at the top of your screen; buttons to visit the parts of the building are to the left.

The subject menu includes links to two further tools for navigating:

  1. The site map, which lists major topics
  2. The search page, from which you may search the entire site, or specific areas within it.

Some areas of the site have local menus.

The subject catalog

Accessible from a menu beneath the top banner, the subject areas collect useful links do different areas of the site.

Plays & Poems
Links to the home pages for each of the plays and poems. You can look for them alphabetically, chronologically, or by the way they were first published.
Life & Times
A full and detailed exploration of Shakespeare's life and the context of the period in which he was writing: the stage, society, history and politics, the current belief systems, the backgound in literature, music, and art, and full chronology and bibliography.
A searchable database of performance materials from over 1000 film and stage productions related to Shakespeare's works. View online such items as director's notes, images of stage and costume design, performance stills, posters, information about a particular company or festival and the actors involved in Shakespeare performance, cast and crew listings.
Reference works, critical articles, and other resources of use in the study of Shakespeare's works.
Search the whole site for items that interest you. There are also more detailed searches on specific areas of the site.
Site Map
A list of major topics and areas on the site.
You are here.
An area, under construction, that will provide a forum for the discussion of Shakespeare, his works, life, and the performance of his plays.
An extensive list of over 700 links to sites on the Web that are of interest to readers of Shakespeare. The links are divided into those of specific reference to Shakespeare, and to those on broader topics in the Renaissance.

The building

Within the building there are different areas for both formal and informal activities. Within the building, you will find four rooms.

The Foyer

The entrance to the building collects all materials that deal with the overall structure of the Editions. It includes information on the Editorial and Advisory Boards that oversee the Editions, and guidelines on editorial policy.

See also the page on the Internet Shakespeare Editions as a non-profit organization.

The Library

The Library is the core of the building. Works published in this section of the site have been rigorously reviewed by scholars in the field. As the plays and poems are edited they are added to the Library; the Library also publishes critical and reference materials that have been peer-reviewed.

The Theater

The Theater is a section of the building that contains a growing database of performance records, both from collections and archives of historical collections, and from current productions of participating companies, festivals, and Theater departments.

The Annex

The Annex is an addition to the building that makes available various materials that will be useful to Shakespeare scholars. Works are published in the Annex in a more informal format: drafts, discussions, and works that have been carefully proofread, but which are not yet fully reviewed.

Using the multimedia resources

Sound files

To listen to the sound files on the site, your computer must be able to play files in "mp3" format. This common format, used by pocket music players, is supported by most browsers. If you computer does not recognise the file, Windows users should install Windows Media Player. Macintosh users of OS X should use iTunes; for those using OS 9, Panic Software provides a free player.

Video files

Coming soon to the site -- video clips in Flash format. To download the latest version of Flash, go to Macromedia's Flash site.

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