Internet Shakespeare Editions

Criteria for Selecting Sites for the ISE Shakespeare Gateway

Subject areas

The Internet Shakespeare Editions Gateway to the Internet provides links to sites that are of interest to those looking for information on Shakespeare, the Renaissance, and the discipline of Humanities Computing. Some more general sites on English Studies are also included if they are felt to be useful for those interested in these areas.In general, preferred sites are non-commercial, but some commercial sites that are judged to serve the general public will be included. Sites that include extensive advertising will not be awarded the "recommended" labels.

Criteria for inclusion

To be selected for inclusion in the Internet Shakespeare Editions Gateway to the Internet, sites must meet criteria 1 and 2, and at least one of the additional criteria.

Essential criteria

  1. The information on the site is reliable
  2. Access to the site is free
  3. The address of the site must be stable

Additional criteria

A site will usually satisfy two or more of these criteria, but it need not satisfy all.

  1. The site is scholarly
  2. The site provides useful information on the performance of Shakespeare's works
  3. The site is easy to navigate, and has a clear, uncluttered interface
  4. The site provides information not readily available elsewhere
  5. The site provides an unusual depth of information
  6. The site is entertaining

Any site that is listed has been judged to be useful to students of Shakespeare and the Renaissance. In addition, some sites are listed as "Recommended," indicating that they are superior resources. The very best sites are "Highly recommended." Only a few Internet sites to date qualify for this top ranking.No site that sells student essays on Shakespeare or related topics will be listed. The Internet Shakespeare Editions believes that it is important to teach students how to teach themselves.

Sites that present external content within their own frames may be included if the content is superior, but the description of the site will include a warning, since such sites make accurate scholarly citation difficult.