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Shakespeare in Performance: Production Still

Image nameMark Antony and the Conspirators (Julius Caesar, Upstart Crow Theatre Group, 2000)
Artifact typeproduction still
Media typeimage
DescriptionMark Antony (Stephen Flett) offers his life to the Conspirators, Decius Brutus (Jay Prychidny), Marcus Brutus (David Howse), Caius Cassius (Elena Kaufman), Casca (Tom Anastasios), Trebonius (Bonnie Gray), Cinna (Tina Silver), and Metellus Cimber (Barbie Cooke), in front of the corpse of Julius Caesar (Cliff Makinson). Photographer: Kathy Plamondon, April 2000.
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RightsArtifact © Upstart Crow Theatre Group [web site]
Artifact id24868

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