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Shakespeare_tweet.jpgFor someone who recently celebrated his 450th birthday, William Shakespeare proves to be a savvy tweeter. Check out these tweets from @Shakespeare:

William Shakespeare @Shakespeare

twitter_logo.png If the spot won始t come out, try a new soap. If the spot still won始t come out, it始s probably you.

twitter_logo.png His father was murdered, he may be crazy, he始s wearing tights: I am totally suing the makers of Batman.

twitter_logo.png If it takes thee more than fourteen lines to break up with someone, thou art doing it wrong.

twitter_logo.png Green Eggs and Hamlet: Will I kill him on a boat? Will I kill him with a goat? I can始t, I can始t decide. Or is it time for suicide?

twitter_logo.png Fun fact: October is Falstaff's birthday. Not a day in October; he just uses Oktoberfest to celebrate all month.

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