Internet Shakespeare Editions

STAA Conference, Washington DC, January 2002

Good and Bad Web Design

Getting the most out of your website

By Michael Best and Roberta Livingstone

"Beauty rests on utility"
Shaker Maxim

". . . the three key attributes of Shaker artefacts, simplicity, elegance, quality, along with the overriding Shaker emphasis on utility, can serve as the guiding principles for designing and developing World Wide Web sites."

"A Shaker Approach to Web Site Design" Michael D. LeviNote that the following pages were designed for display at a presentation at the STAA conference, so font sizes are larger than would normally be good design for a Web site.

  1. Why have a Web site?
  2. Research and planning
  3. The Paper Prototype
  4. Building the site

  5. Graphic style
  6. Navigation
  7. The user and usability
  8. Bells and whistles
  9. Copyright
  10. Sites and references: tip sheet