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  • Title: Life of Caesar
  • Editor: John D. Cox

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    Author: Plutarch
    Editor: John D. Cox
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    Life of Caesar


    XII.Caesar's acts in Spain.

    Therefore when he was come into Spain, he was very careful of his business, and had in few days joined ten new ensigns more of footmen unto the other twenty which he had before. Then marching forward against the Callecians and Lusitanians, he conquered all, and went as far as the great sea Oceanum, subduing all the people which before knew not the Romans for their lords. There he took order for pacifying of the war, and did as wisely take order for the establishing of peace. For he did reconcile the cities together, and made them friends one with another, but specially he pacified all suits of law and strife betwixt the debtors and creditors, which grew by reason of usury.

    Caesar's order between the creditor and the debtor.

    For he ordained that the creditors should take yearly two parts of the revenue of their debtors, until such time as they had paid themselves: and that the debtors should have the third part themselves to live withal.

    Caesar's soldiers called him Imperator.

    He having won great estimation by this good order taken, returned from his government very rich, and his soldiers also full of rich spoils, who called him Imperator, to say, sovereign Captain.