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  • Title: The Tragedy of Locrine (Third Folio, 1664)

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    Authors: Anonymous, William Shakespeare
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    The Tragedy of Locrine (Third Folio, 1664)

    Sound the Alarm. Enter Hubba and Segar at one door,
    1255and Corineius at the other.
    Cori. Art thou that Humber, Prince of Fugitives,
    That by thy treason slew'st young Albanact?
    Hub. I am his Son that slew young Albanact,
    And if thou take not heed proud Phrigian,
    1260I'le send thy soule unto the Stigian lake,
    There to complain of Humber's injuries.
    Cori. You triumph, sir, before the victory,
    For Corineius is not so soon slain.
    But, cursed Scythians, you shall rue the day,
    1265That e're you came into Albania.
    So perish they that envy Britains wealth,
    So let them die with endlesse infamy,
    And he that seeks his Soveraigns overthrow,
    Would this my Club might aggravate his woe.
    1270Strikes them both down with his Club.