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Ryan Boyko

Ryan was last seen on-stage as Bernard the Big Bad Wolf in Gateway's Theatre for Children. Ryan has had the opportunity to play several interesting characters, some of which include the title character in William Shakespeare's Macbeth, Bill Sykes in Oliver!, and the Scarecrow in The Wizard of OZ. He has had many wonderful acting experiences over the past few years, including a trip to Belize, Central America to film a television pilot. He also has several backstage credits that include sound and paint designs. Ryan hopes that his experiences continue to be positive ones. Ryan plans to finish his degree at the University of Saskatchewan Drama Department, then see where the road of life takes him. lie is going to pursue his dream and take on the challenge of becoming a professional actor, a dream that he is very likely to one day achieve.

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  1. As You Like It (2003, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, Canada) .... Lords

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