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To Weep or Not to Weep

Rowe 1709 volume 5, page 4

Scientists lead by Dr. Alexis Kirke (Plymouth University) will conduct a study measuring audience reactions to Shakespeare╩╝s most emotional scenes. The study, titled Conducting Shakespeare, will measure four audience volunteers╩╝ brainwaves, heart rate, perspiration and muscle tension through biosensors while actors Melanie Heslop and James Mack perform selected scenes.

This study aims to decipher to what extent Shakespeare was in control of his audience╩╝s emotions; however, Dr. Kirke hopes to accomplish this by affording audience members some sense of influence—consciously or subconsciously—on the performance.

Conducting Shakespeare took place on Friday May 2, 2014.

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Image from The Works of Mr. William Shakespear by Nicholas Rowe - Boston Public Library