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Welcome to our Regional Editors

Shakespeareans often develop deep knowledge of their regional theater scene, acquired over many years of attending local productions, seeing actors in multiple productions, and taking their students to the theater. SIP Regional Editors, all of them scholars with a keen interest in performance, are expert reviewers and have committed to provided coverage of all important productions and a selection of interesting productions from smaller companies in their regions. Regional Editors add production metadata to the Shakespeare in Performance database (known to us as SIP) and write or delegate reviews for The ISE Chronicle in discussion with Dr. Quarmby.  

Gavin Hollis of Hunter College, CUNY, is covering the five boroughs of New York City. Cassie Ash, who has just finished her doctoral work at the Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, is on the DC and Baltimore beat. Roderick McKeown (PhD, Toronto) keeps a close eye on Shakespeare productions in Ontario, especially those at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, while Janelle Jenstad (ISE Assistant Coordinating Editor) follows productions in her backyard of Vancouver Island and the Vancouver area. 

We are keen to expand our coverage to many more regions. At this point, we have the flexibility to define regions according to the beat that makes sense to you. Dr. Quarmby has provided a helpful guide for new reviewers, which makes it feasible to involve senior students and graduate students in the reviewing process.

If you regularly attend local productions and can commit to writing reviews and helping to build the ISE SIP's database, please contact Assistant Coordinating Editor Janelle Jenstad (, ISEC Editor Kevin Quarmby (, or ISE General Performance Editor Alexa Alice Joubin (

(By Janelle Jenstad, Assistant Coordinating Editor,)