Scena Secunda.
Enter Euans, and Simple.
Eu. Go your waies, and aske of Doctor Caius house,
which is the way; and there dwels one Mistris Quickly;
290which is in the manner of his Nurse; or his dry-Nurse; or
his Cooke; or his Laundry; his Washer, and his Ringer.
Si. Well Sir.
Eu. Nay, it is petter yet: giue her this letter; for it is
a 'oman that altogeathers acquaintāce with Mistris Anne
295Page; and the Letter is to desire, and require her to soli-
cite your Masters desires, to Mistris Anne Page: I pray
you be gon: I will make an end of my dinner; ther's Pip-
pins and Cheese to come.