1Come light and listen, you gentlemen all,
Hey down, down, and a-down,
That mirth do love for to hear,
And a story true I'll tell unto you,
5If that you will but draw near.

In elder times, when merriment was,
And archery was holden good,
There was an outlaw, as many did know,
Which men called Robin Hood.

10Upon a time it chancèd so
Bold Robin was merry disposed;
His time to spend he did intend
Either with friends or foes.

Then he got up on a gallant brave steed,
15The which was worth angels ten.
With a mantle of green, most brave to be seen,
He left all his merry men.

And riding towards fair Nottingham,
Some pastime for to spy,
20There was he aware of a jolly beggar
As e'er he beheld with his eyes.