Here the Antheme doth commence,
Loue and Constancie is dead,
Phœnix and the Turtle fled,
In a mutuall flame from hence.

25So they loued as loue in twaine,
Had the essence but in one,
Two distincts, Diuision none,
Number there in loue was slaine.

Hearts remote, yet not asunder;
30Distance and no space was seene,
Twixt this Turtle and his Queene;
But in them it were a wonder.

So betweene them Loue did shine,
That the Turtle saw his right,
35Flaming in the Phœnix sight;
Either was the others mine.

Propertie was thus appalled,
That the selfe was not the same:
Single Natures double name,
40Neither two nor one was called.