Cast of the Characters

(As originally performed at the St. James's Theatre.)

First produced October 29th.


King John the first. (Successor to Richard the second) Mr. H Hall
Hubert. (Dentist and Cupper to the Court) Mr. Wright.
Ruffian. (Attached to Hubert, but a member of the Animal's Friend Society) Mr. Hart.
Faulconbridge. (Illegitimate and bar Sinister) Mr. Gardner.
Robert. (His brother, bar Illegitimate, but Sinister) Mr. Long.
Prince Arthur. (A royal duodecimo, a pledge of affection taken in by his uncle) Miss C. Booth.
Herald. (In accordance with the Times.) Mr. Post.
Lady Constance. (Wife to her son Arthur's father, and mother to Arthur's father's son) Madam Sala
Lady Elinor. (John's father's widow, and Arthur's uncle's mother) Mrs. Penson.


King Philip of France. (Successor to his predecessor) Mr. Sidney.
Lewis. (Suspected of being the Dauphin) Mr. Moore.
Chatillon. (Upon speaking and singing terms with Philip) Mr, Burnett.
Duke of Austria. (Founder of the Skinner's Company, bound in calf, but unlettered) Mr. Halford.
Cardinal Pandulph. (Full of point) Mr. Brooks.

KING JOHN (1st dress) -- Gold scale armour legs and arms -- black velvet shirt and robe -- crown, etc. (2nd dress) Breast plate, with spike in the centre, and spikes on his knees and elbows -- helmet, with a weather-cock, and N. E. S. W. on it.

PHILIP -- White silk leggings -- shoes -- red tunic and cloak, trimmed and lined with white satin -- bushy wig -- crown.

FAULCONBRIDGE (1st dress) -- Brown shape -- small cloak -- ditto hat and feathers. -- (2nd dress) -- Breast plate and helmet -- immense plume of feathers.

AUSTRIA -- Silver scale armour, legs and arms -- Black velvet shirt -- A bear skin for cloak -- helmet and feathers.

DAUPHIN -- White leggings -- shoes -- green spangled tunic, with white satin sleeves -- hat and feathers.

HUBERT -- Brown shape, with large red Puffs -- red stockings -- shoes -- large rough small old English hat and feather.

ARTHUR -- White leggings -- shoes -- light satin tunic -- coronet.

HERALD -- Herald's dress.

CITIZENS -- Dark cloaks, with sleeves, fastened round the waist -- white night -- caps.

CARDINAL -- Cardinal's dress.

ROBERT -- Plain trunks, hose, and jacket -- hat and single feather.

CONSTANCE -- Black velvet dress, with jewelled trimmings down the front -- Lady Macbeth's head -- dress.

ELINOR -- Puce coloured velvet train dress -- head dress -- point lace veil.

BLANCHE -- White muslin dress.


The Conductors of this Work print no Plays but those which they have seen acted. The Stage Directions are given from personal observations, during the most recent performance.

R. means (Right.) L. (Left.) C. (Centre.) R. C. (Right of Centre.) L. C. (Left of Centre.) D.F. (Door in the Flat or scene running across the back of the Stage); C. D. F. (Centre Door in the Flat.) R. D. F. (Right Door in the Flat.) L. D. F. (Left Door in the Flat.) R. D. (Right Door.) L. D. (Left Door.) S. E. (Second Entrance.) U. E. (Upper Entrance.)

The Reader is supposed to be on the Stage, facing the Audience.