1The History of Sir John Oldcastle,
the good Lord Cobham.
THe doubfull Title (Gentlemen) prefixt
5Upon the Argument we have in hand,
May breed suspence, and wrongfully disturb
The peacefull quiet of your setled thoughts:
To stop which scruple, let this brief suffice.
It is no pamper'd Glutton we present,
10Nor aged Counsellor to youthfull sin;
But one, whose vertue shone above the rest,
A valiant Martyr, and a vertuous Peer,
In whose true faith and loyalty exprest
Unto his Soveraigne, and his Countries weal:
15We strive to pay that tribute of our love
Your favours merit: Let fair truth be grac'd,
Since forg'd invention former time defac'd.