For which, such idle[s] as wait upon the spoil,
From every part of Wales unto me drew,
For loitering youth untaught in any toil
Are ready aye all mischief to ensue.
75Through help of these so great my glory grew,
That I defied my king through lofty heart,
And made sharp war on all that took his part.
See luck, I took lord Reynold Grey of Ruthin,
And him enforced my daughter to espouse,
80And so unransomed held him still: and sithen
In Wigmore land through battle rigorous
I caught the right heir of the crowned house
The Earl of March sir Edmund Mortimer,
And in a dungeon kept him prisoner,
85Then all the marches longing unto Wales
By Severn west I did invade and burn,
Destroyed the towns in mountains and in vales,
And rich in spoils did homeward safe return:
Was none so bold durst once against me spurn.
90Thus prosperously doth Fortune forward call
Those whom she minds to give the sorest fall.
When fame had brought these tidings to the king
(Although the Scots then vexed him right sore)
A mighty army against me he did bring.
95Whereof the French king being warned afore,
Who mortal hate against King Henry bore,
To grieve our foe he quickly to me sent
Twelve thousand Frenchmen armed to war, & bent.
A part of them led by the Earl of March
100Lord James of Bourbon, a valiant tried knight
Withheld by winds to Wales ward forth to march,
Took land at Plymouth privily on a night.
And when he had done all he durst or might,
After that a many of his men were slain
105He stole to ship, and sailed home again.