Actus Quartus.
Enter Antony, Octauius, and Lepidus.
Ant. These many then shall die, their names are prickt
1855Octa. Your Brother too must dye: consent you Lepidus?
Lep. I do consent.
Octa. Pricke him downe Antony.
Lep. Vpon condition Publius shall not liue,
Who is your Sisters sonne, Marke Antony.
1860Ant. He shall not liue; looke, with a spot I dam him.
But Lepidus, go you to sars house:
Fetch the Will hither, and we shall determine
How to cut off some charge in Legacies.
Lep. What? shall I finde you heere?
1865Octa. Or heere, or at the Capitoll. Exit Lepidus
Ant. This is a slight vnmeritable man,
Meet to be sent on Errands: is it fit
The three-fold World diuided, he should stand
One of the three to share it?
1870Octa. So you thought him,
And tooke his voyce who should be prickt to dye
In our blacke Sentence and Proscription.
Ant. Octauius, I haue seene more dayes then you,
And though we lay these Honours on this man,
1875To ease our selues of diuers sland'rous loads,
He shall but beare them, as the Asse beares Gold,
To groane and swet vnder the Businesse,
Either led or driuen, as we point the way:
And hauing brought our Treasure, where we will,
1880Then take we downe his Load, and turne him off
(Like to the empty Asse) to shake his eares,
And graze in Commons.
Octa. You may do your will:
But hee's a tried, and valiant Souldier.
1885Ant. So is my Horse Octauius, and for that
I do appoint him store of Prouender.
It is a Creature that I teach to fight,
To winde, to stop, to run directly on:
His corporall Motion, gouern'd by my Spirit,
1890And in some taste, is Lepidus but so:
He must be taught, and train'd, and bid go forth:
A barren spirited Fellow; one that feeds
On Obiects, Arts, and Imitations.
Which out of vse, and stal'de by other men
1895Begin his fashion. Do not talke of him,
But as a property: and now Octauius,
Listen great things. Brutus and Cassius
Are leuying Powers; We must straight make head:
Therefore let our Alliance be combin'd,
1900Our best Friends made, our meanes stretcht,
And let vs presently go sit in Councell,
How couert matters may be best disclos'd,
And open Perils surest answered.
Octa. Let vs do so: for we are at the stake,
1905And bayed about with many Enemies,
And some that smile haue in their hearts I feare
Millions of Mischeefes. Exeunt