Ros. It is not the fashion to see the Ladie the Epi-
logue: but it is no more vnhandsome, then to see the
Lord the Prologue. If it be true, that good wine needs
no bush, 'tis true, that a good play needes no Epilogue.
2780Yet to good wine they do vse good bushes : and good
playes proue the better by the helpe of good Epilogues:
What a case am I in then, that am neither a good Epi-
logue, nor cannot insinuate with you in the behalfe of a
good play? I am not furnish'd like a Begger, therefore
2785to begge will not become mee. My way is to coniure
you, and Ile begin with the Women. I charge you (O
women) for the loue you beare to men, to like as much
of this Play, as please you: And I charge you (O men)
for the loue you beare to women (as I perceiue by your
2790simpring, none of you hates them) that betweene you,
and the women, the play may please. If I were a Wo-
man, I would kisse as many of you as had beards that
pleas'd me, complexions that lik'd me, and breaths that
I defi'de not : And I am sure, as many as haue good
2795beards, or good faces, or sweet breaths, will for my kind
offer, when I make curt'sie, bid me farewell. Exit.