2530Scœna Tertia.
Enter Clowne and Audrey.
Clo. To morrow is the ioyfull day Audrey, to morow
will we be married.
Aud. I do desire it with all my heart: and I hope it is
2535no dishonest desire, to desire to be a woman of y^e world?
Heere come two of the banish'd Dukes Pages.
Enter two Pages.
1. Pa. Wel met honest Gentleman.
Clo. By my troth well met : come, sit, sit, and a song.
25402. Pa. We are for you, sit i'th middle.
1. Pa. Shal we clap into't roundly, without hauking,
or spitting, or saying we are hoarse, which are the onely
prologues to a bad voice.
2. Pa. I faith, y'faith, and both in a tune like two
2545gipsies on a horse.
It was a Louer, and his lasse,
With a hey, and a ho, and a hey nonino,
That o're the greene corne feild did passe,
2550 In the spring time, the onely pretty rang time.
When Birds do sing, hey ding a ding, ding.
Sweet Louers loue the spring,
And therefore take the present time.
With a hey, & a ho, and a hey nonino,
2555For loue is crowned with the prime.
In spring time, &c.
Betweene the acres of the Rie,
With a hey, and a ho, & a hey nonino:
These prettie Country folks would lie.
2560 In spring time, &c.
This Carroll they began that houre,
With a hey and a ho, & a hey nonino:
How that a life was but a Flower,
In spring time, &c.
2565Clo. Truly yong Gentlemen, though there vvas no
great matter in the dittie, yet y^e note was very vntunable
1 Pa. you are deceiu'd Sir, we kept time, we lost not
our time.
Clo. By my troth yes: I count it but time lost to heare
2570such a foolish song. God buy you, and God mend your
voices. Come Audrie. Exeunt.