Scena Secunda.
680Enter Duke, with Lords.
Duk. Can it be possible that no man saw them?
It cannot be, some villaines of my Court
Are of consent and sufferance in this.
1. Lo. I cannot heare of any that did see her,
685The Ladies her attendants of her chamber
Saw her a bed, and in the morning early,
They found the bed vntreasur'd of their Mistris.
2. Lor. My Lord, the roynish Clown, at whom so oft,
Your Grace was wont to laugh is also missing,
690Hisperia the Princesse Centlewoman
Confesses that she secretly ore-heard
Your daughter and her Cosen much commend
The parts and graces of the Wrastler
That did but lately foile the synowie Charles,
695And she beleeues where euer they are gone
That youth is surely in their companie.
Duk. Send to his brother, fetch that gallant hither,
If he be absent, bring his Brother to me,
Ile make him finde him: do this sodainly;
700And let not search and inquisition quaile,
To bring againe these foolish runawaies. Exunt.