Troilus and Cressida
Oregon Shakespeare Festival1958 f
Oregon Shakespeare Festival1972 f
Cheek By Jowl2008 f
Croft, Michael1966 t
Miller, Jonathan1981 t
Unknown1969 t
Colorado Shakespeare Festival1964 f
Colorado Shakespeare Festival1997 f
Upstart Crow Theatre Group2003 f
Idaho Shakespeare Festival1989 f
Bard on the Beach2006 f
Staatsschauspiel Dresden1928 f
The Bell Shakespeare Company2000 f
Atlanta Shakespeare Company2006 f
Cellan Jones, James1987 t
Judith Shakespeare Company1995 f
Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss2011 f
American Shakespeare Center2013 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1963 f
Stratford Festival of Canada2003 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1987 f
Bennett, Kevin2016 f