All's Well That Ends Well
Title:All's Well That Ends Well
Company:Judith Shakespeare Company
Director:Joanne Zipay
Location:New York, New York, USA
Performance Dates:1997-07-25
Play:All's Well That Ends Well
Contributors:Judith Shakespeare Company

Cast & Crew:
Culley, JaneThe Widow Capilet
Dougherty, JohnSoldier
Eck, ScottKing of France
Elizabeth English, K.Diana Capilet
Elizabeth English, K.Page
Galarno, BillLafew
Hack, GinnyCourt Lady
Hack, GinnyMariana
H. Hages, AlitheaDiana Capilet
H. Hages, AlitheaHelena
Kelly, HughBertram
LeCaon, KevinA Dumaine Brother
Louise, MerleCountess of Rossillion
Nirvana, AngelaGentlewoman
O'Driscoll, DanKing of France
Phillips, BethRenata
Rattner, BillyA Gentleman
Reichhold, DavidA Dumaine Brother
Julian A. Rozzell, Jr.A Gentleman
Shoemaker, JeffreyLavatch
Simon, RichardParolles
Tom, AngelaPage
Walker, LisaHelena
Zipay, JoanneDirector
Rahe, StevenAssistant Director
Zipay, JoanneDramaturg
Bevenger, RobCostume Designer
Ardizzone, JasonSet Designer
Helene D'Aleo, DeborahLighting Designer
Armon, FayeTechnical Director
Shearer, DouglasStage Manager
Rum, SharonAssistant Stage Manager
L. Mareska, KerryAssistant Lighting Designer
Devine, KathyMusical Director
L. Mareska, KerryMaster Electrician
Rum, SharonProperties Manager