Comedy of Errors
Title:Comedy of Errors
Company:Judith Shakespeare Company
Director:Joanne Zipay
Location:New York, New York, USA
Performance Dates:1995-11-02
Play:The Comedy of Errors
Contributors:Judith Shakespeare Company

Cast & Crew:
Shoemaker, JeffreySolinus
Barry, PaulAegeon
Elden, KevinAntipholus of Ephesus
LeCaon, KevinAntipholus of Syracuse
Walker, LisaDromio of Ephesus
DiGioia, MichaelDromio of Syracuse
Konigisor, KateAngela
Amanda Maud, C.First Merchant
Carroll, JohnSecond Merchant
Tvrdy, LindaDr. Pinch
Horn, JeanetteAemilia
Capron, AnneAdriana
Holbrook, EveLuciana
Victor, CraigNell
Mutch, HelenA Courtesan
Tvrdy, LindaJailer
Carroll, JohnBalthazar
Amanda Maud, C.Officer
Dixon, JoyCitizen of Ephesus
Hosford, WaynePaino Player
Thurmond, SarahCitizen of Ephesus
Zipay, JoanneDirector
Brant, KathleenAssistant Director
Lundberg, JudithCostume Designer
Moser, WilliamSet Designer
Simmons, GreggLighting Designer
Hosford, WayneComposer
Ekman, JuneMovement Consultant
Evans, JoanMovement Consultant
Periman, MaceMovement Consultant
O'Driscoll, DanStage Combat Director
Haigler, RaymondTechnical Director
Minnich, LillianStage Manager
Noguera, JacquelineAssistant Stage Manager
Simmons, GreggAssistant Stage Manager
Germain, DonnaVocal Coach
Corrado, SusanHair and Makeup
Linville, JanetHats
Noguera, JacquelineProperties