Henry 5
Title:Henry 5
Company:Judith Shakespeare Company
Director:Ivanna Cullinan
Location:New York, New York, USA
Performance Dates:2002-11-12
Play:Henry V
Contributors:Judith Shakespeare Company

Cast & Crew:
Aschenbrenner, EricMontjoy
Aschenbrenner, EricLord Scroop of Masham
Bannister-Colon, LaurieKing Henry the Fifth
Kay Bell, GailMichael Williams
Kay Bell, GailGovernor of Harfleur
Kay Bell, GailDuke of York
Kay Bell, GailSir Thomas Grey
Kay Bell, GailQueen Isabel
Capone, JosephKing Charles the Sixth
Capone, JosephSir Thomas Erpingham
Capone, JosephAttendant
Chan, JovinnaDuke of Bedford (John)
Chan, JovinnaDuke of Orleans
Glenn, EileenConstable of France (Charles DeLabreth)
Glenn, EileenBishop of Ely
Glenn, EileenJamy
Glenn, EileenEarl of Huntington
Huber, DavidLouis, the Dauphin
Huber, DavidBardolph
Huber, DavidEarl of Warwick
Lipner, MiriamBoy
Lipner, MiriamDuke of Gloucester (Humphrey)
Mudge, GrantPrincess Katherine
Mudge, GrantAlexander Court
Mudge, GrantDuke of Bourbon
Mudge, GrantNym
Schein, OmriLord Rambures
Schein, OmriAttendant
Schein, OmriGower
Simon, RichardFluellen
Simon, RichardLord Grandpre
Simon, RichardAttendant
Sherron Stock, JenniferLord Beaumont
Sherron Stock, JenniferMistress Nell Quickly
Sherron Stock, JenniferDuke of Exeter
St. Paule, IrmaEarl of Westmoreland
St. Paule, IrmaChorus
St. Paule, IrmaDuke of Brittany
Till, KevinPistol
Titus, JaneDuke of Berri
Titus, JaneArchbishop of Canterbury
Titus, JaneAlice
Titus, JaneMacmorris
Titus, JaneMonsieur La Fer
Ward, HilaryHerald
Ward, HilaryEarl of Cambridge
Ward, HilaryDuke of Burgundy
Ward, HilaryEarl of Salisbury
Ward, HilaryJohn Bates
Zipay, JoanneArtistic Director
Cullinan, IvannaDirector
Zipay, JoanneDirector
Cullinan, IvannaAssociate Producer
Hernandez, PhilipExecutive Producer
Macaulay, LisAssociate Producer
Cullinan, IvannaAssistant Dramaturg
Zipay, JoanneDramaturg
Henry, RobynLighting Designer
J. Merola, P.Composer
Mozer, ElizabethMovement Coach
O'Driscoll, DanFight Choreographer
Galitzer, JoshTechnical Director
Macaulay, LisTechnical Director
Macaulay, LisStage Manager
Germain, DonnaVoice Coach
Peyton, ClaudiaAlexander Technique Coach