The Comedie of Errors
Title:The Comedie of Errors
Company:St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival
Director:Sonia Ritter
Location:Prescott, Ontario, Canada
Performance Dates:2004-07-12
Play:The Comedy of Errors
Contributors:St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival

Cast & Crew:
Taylor, GreggDuke
Beddoe, WilliamEgeon
Hobbs, KevinAntipholus of Ephesus
Jeans, AlanAntipholus of Syracuse
MacDonald, MichaelDromio of Ephesus
Mucci, PerryDromio of Syracuse
Tyrrell, PeterAngelo
Longstaff, MichaelFirst / Second Merchant
Taylor, GreggPinch
Matheson, MerleAbbess
Smith, MaureenAdriana
Levencrown, AmandaLuciana
Smith, DeborahLuce
Toman, MayaCourtesan
Farthing, IanBalthazar
Farthing, IanOfficer
Mitchell, ShawnOfficer
Alexander, ElizabethWrangler
Ritter, SoniaDirector
Ritter, SoniaCostume Designer
Ritter, SoniaSet Designer
g. papoff, lindiStage Manager
McDonald, ShawnAssistant Stage Manager
Smith, MaggieWardrobe Mistress
Thompson, JohnConstruction Crew Chief
Peto, JamesPoster, Program and Rack Card Design