A Midsummer Night's Dream
Title:A Midsummer Night's Dream
Company:Idaho Shakespeare Festival
Director:Doug Copsey
Location:Boise, Idaho, USA
Performance Dates:1977-06
Play:A Midsummer Night's Dream
Contributors:Idaho Shakespeare Festival

Cast & Crew:
Copsey, DougTheseus
Smith, SeelyeHippolyta
Copsey, DougOberon
Smith, SeelyeTitania
Bottoms, JimPuck
Peterson, DanEgeus
Hoffman, MikeLysander
Delana, PatDemetrius
M. Pommerening, LindaHermia
McKean, BarbaraHelena
Farmer, JoelBottom
Galligan, S.Quince
L. Scott, G.Snug
Robert Fields, G.Flute
Peterson, DanSnout
Wolfe, TomStarveling
Peavey, MarthaLiza, A Beauteous Wench
Copsey, DougArtistic Director
Copsey, DougDirector
Holloway, VictoriaDirector
Holloway, VictoriaCostume and Make-up Designer
Bottoms, JimSet Designer
Reynolds, JimSound
Buell, NancySeamstress
Oakes, TomFence Design and Execution
Oakes, MarjoryFence Design and Execution