The Comedy of Errors
Title:The Comedy of Errors
Company:First Folio Shakespeare Festival
Director:Alison C. Vesely
Location:Oak Brook, Illinois, USA
Performance Dates:2003-06-25
Play:The Comedy of Errors
Contributors:First Folio Shakespeare Festival

Cast & Crew:
Maher, RobertDuke Solinus
Rice, DavidAegeon
Conti, DominicAntipholus of Ephesus
Reed, BruchAntipholus of Syracuse
Pease, NathanDromio of Ephesus
Riopelle, PeterDromio of Syracuse
Hunt, AaronAngelo
Schaefer, Jeremy1st Merchant
Dennis, Jared2nd Merchant
Schaefer, JeremyPinch
C. Vesely, AlisonAemelia
Glynn, MollyAdriana
Bielby, MarilynLuciana
Rice, HayleyLuce
Gatto, ChristineCourtesan
Maher, RobertBalthasar
C. Vesely, AlisonDirector
Strei, VickyCostume Designer
Jensen, ChristopherScenic, Lighting and Property Design
Keefe, MichaelComposer
F. Goldberg, MichaelMovement Director
Kumaran, LaxmiProduction Stage Manager
Ehemann, StephanieAssistant Stage Manager
Arena, GlennLighting and Sound Technician