The Winter's Tale
Title:The Winter's Tale
Company:Bard on the Beach
Director:Michael Shamata
Location:Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Performance Dates:2006-06-22
Play:The Winter's Tale
Contributors:Bard on the Beach

Cast & Crew:
Gerry Mackay, Mr.Leontes
Grey, AshlanMamillius
David Marr, Mr.Camillo
Gray, AllanAntigonus
Pickett, TomCleomenes
Metz, DerekDion
Sims, MartinPolixenes
Coombs, TorranceFlorizel
Christopher Weddell, Mr.Old Shepherd
Andrew Wheeler, Mr.Autolycus
Jennifer Lines, Ms.Hermione
Cummer, AnnaPerdita
Kerry Sandomirsky, Ms.Paulina
O'Connell, MoyaEmilia
O'Connell, MoyaMopsa
Kerry Sandomirsky, Ms.Dorcas
Gray, AllanTime
Hershler, ChadYoung Shepherd
Shamata, MichaelDirector
Mara Gottler, Ms.Costume Designer
McAllister, KevinStage and Scenery Designer
Erdal, ItaiLighting Designer
Bulat, StephenSound Designer and Composer
Nicholas Harrison, Mr.Fight Director
Anatot, NoaApprentice Stage Manager
P. B. Smith, JoanneStage Manager
Rebecca Craster, Ms.Assistant Stage Manager