Company:American Repertory Theatre
Director:Andrei Serban
Location:Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Performance Dates:2003-05-10
Contributors:American Repertory Theatre

Cast & Crew:
Derrah, ThomasKing Antiochus
Hatzis, GeorgiaDaughter of Antiochus
Sella, RobertPericles
August, CurtisThalliard
Derrah, ThomasKing Simonides
Armand, PascaleMarina
Jackson, Jasmineyoung Marina
Knapp, EmilyLychorida
Henzler, OliverLysimachus
Bavan, YolandeCerimon
King, Zoeyoung Philoten
Hatzis, GeorgiaDiana
August, CurtisPhilemon
Bavan, YolandeGower
Beaubier, JasonMarshall
LeBow, WillPander
Derrah, ThomasBoult
Airaldi, RemoBawd
Cozzens, DanLord
Henzler, OliverLord
August, CurtisKnight at the Tournament
Kaufman, JasonKnight at the Tournament
Lockwood, DougKnight at the Tournament
Beaubier, JasonSailor
Kaufman, JasonSailor
August, CurtisPirate
Piper, ThomasPirate
Airaldi, RemoFisherman
Geidt, JeremyFisherman
Piper, ThomasFisherman
Beaubier, JasonMessenger
Serban, AndreiMessenger
Clear, AlisonTemple Dancer
Cozzens, Danbrothel client
Knapp, EmilyTemple Dancer
Knapp, EmilyWhore
Lockwood, Dougbrothel client
Morhacova, KatarinaTemple Dancer
Morhacova, KatarinaWhore
Geidt, JeremyHelicanus
LeBow, WillCleon
MacDonald, KarenDionyza
Owuor, GilbertLeonine
Yoo, MiaThaisa
Serban, AndreiDirection and Movement
Lester, GideonDramaturg
Nutu, DanSet and Video Design
Emmons, BeverlyLighting Design
Remedios, DavidSound Design
Tolan Casting, CindyCasting
De Camillis, ChrisProduction Stage Manager
James, AmyAssistant Stage Manager
M. Kauffman, ThomasAssistant Stage Manager
Houfek, NancyVoice and Speech Coach