Queen Margaret
Title:Queen Margaret
Company:Colorado Shakespeare Festival
Director:Tom Markus
Location:Boulder, Colorado, USA
Performance Dates:2001-06-29
Plays:Richard III
  Henry VI, Part 1
  Henry VI, Part 2
  Henry VI, Part 3
Contributors:Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Cast & Crew:
Andersen, IanSoldiers and Townsfolk
Marcelle Avila, JulietteEleanor Cobham
Marcelle Avila, JulietteLady Bona
Marcelle Avila, JulietteLadies of the French Court
Marcelle Avila, JulietteSoldiers and Townsfolk
Biegler, GloriaMargaret of Anjou
Carnahan, ShirleySoldiers and Townsfolk
Carnahan, ShirleyMusicians
English, MelodyMusicians
E. L. Esely, JamesDuke of Somerset
C. Gray, AaronSoldiers and Townsfolk
Haden, KyleSoldiers and Townsfolk
Haratine, RichardHenry VI
Horan, BobEarl of Northumberland
M. Jurcheck, JohnSimon Simpcox
M. Jurcheck, JohnEdward, later Edward IV
Larlham, DanielSoldiers and Townsfolk
Markiewicz, NathanSoldiers and Townsfolk
Moon, ErinElizabeth Grey
Moon, ErinSoldiers and Townsfolk
Moon, ErinLadies of the French Court
Muñoz, AaronEarl of Warwick
Persons, ChipRichard, later Richard III
Fjestad Peterson, AnneMusicians
Sandoe, SamuelChorus
Sandoe, SamuelKing Reignier
Sandoe, SamuelKing Louis XI
Segar, ClaireMusicians
Segar, DanMusicians
Sherman, LindaMusicians
Sherman, LindaSoldiers and Townsfolk
Stepan, BlakePrince Edward
Stepan, BlakeRutland
Tatom, LarsDuke of York
Tessmer, JohnDuke of Suffolk
Tessmer, JohnEarl of Oxford
Wall, DanaLord Clifford
Wilcox, CharlesDuke Humphrey
Yim, AnnieLadies of the French Court
Yim, AnnieWife of Simpcox
Yim, AnnieSoldiers and Townsfolk
Young, JordanSoldiers and Townsfolk
Markus, TomDirector
Joyner, TomDramaturg/Assistant Director
Sarver, LindaCostume Design Consultant
Alan Williams, W.Costume Designer
Varga, JosephScenic Designer
M. Devin, RichardLighting Designer
H. Abe, RobertSound Designer
Dunayer, KevinSound Designer
Burt, PaysonFight Director
Potter, RobertAdaptor
Bierenbaum, SarahStage Manager
Bartholomew, CatherineAssistant Stage Manager
Moulton, BettyVoice and Text Coach
Lynne Hensley, JessicaWardrobe Manager
Michels, KatDressers
M. Phelps, BrendaWigs/Makeup
Stringe, AmyDressers
Rostoks, LigaLight Board Operator
Joy Pollard, M.Sound Board Operator
Barton, ToddComposer
Carnahan, ShirleyMusical Director
Carson, KyleDeck Electrician
Goldstein, RebeccaProp Crew Head
L. Nottingham, LeslieProp Crew
L. Paopao, MichelleStage Crew
Skinner, DeborahStage Crew Head