The Comedy of Errors
Title:The Comedy of Errors
Company:Colorado Shakespeare Festival
Director:Robert L. Benedetti
Location:Boulder, Colorado, USA
Performance Dates:1976-07
Play:The Comedy of Errors
Contributors:Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Cast & Crew:
Yarian, StephanSolinus
Fitzsimmons, BrianEgeon
Eiche, JeffAntipholus of Ephesus
Wilcox, CharlesAntipholus of Syracuse
Sampson, EdwardDromio of Ephesus
Arthur Walker, DavidDromio of Syracuse
D. Giffin, PeterAngelo
Rorke, RichardDoctor Pinch
L. MacCameron, BarbaraEmilia
B. Styles, LyndaAdriana
Olson, MaryLuciana
O'Brien, LaurieA Courtesan
Schechtman, IvanA Headsman
Holzberg, RogerBalthazar
A. Rahal, CarlAn Officer
Benson, GiGiDowsabel
L. Benedetti, RobertDirector
A. Busse, DavidCostume Designer
J. Griffith, StevenScenic Designer
D. Setterholm, KeithLighting Designer
Wilcox, CharlesArmorer
Noel Macy, CynthiaStage Manager
Philip Dow, R.Assistant Stage Manager
McMullen, MaryLighting Operator
Grubb, ShirleySound Manager
M. Hartigan, IreneSound Operator
Spangler, EdSound Engineer
B. Forbes, JohnProperty Master