A Midsummer Night's Dream
Title:A Midsummer Night's Dream
Company:Bard on the Beach
Director:Christopher Gaze
Location:Mission Hill Estate Winery, British Columbia, Canada
Performance Dates:2003-07-31
Play:A Midsummer Night's Dream
Contributors:Bard on the Beach

Cast & Crew:
Williamson, KevinTheseus
Robek, KirstenHippolyta
Williamson, KevinOberon
Robek, KirstenTitania
Heath, ColinPuck
Gordon, CameronEgeus
Juliani, AlessandroLysander
Sutherland, HaigDemetrius
Louise Turner, SarahHermia
Lyndall-Knight, TiffanyHelena
Heath, ColinPhilostrate
Stanga, LenardBottom
James Hong, JohnQuince
Reynolds, JoshuaSnug
Holmes, StephenFlute
Gordon, CameronSnout
Beaudoin, CamilleStarvelling
Jaud, RebeccaPeaseblossom
Holmes, StephenCobweb
Beaudoin, CamilleMoth
Beaudoin, CamilleMustardseed
Beaudoin, CamilleLittle Mustardseed
Beaudoin, CamilleChangeling Child
Gaze, ChristopherDirector
Mara Gottler, Ms.Costume Designer
McAllister, KevinSet and Lighting Designer
Drew, NoahSound Designer and Composer
Hyslop, JeffChoreographer
Nicholas Harrison, Mr.Fight Director
Goodwin, GaliaStage Manager
Hannah, NicoleApprentice Stage Manager
Jotkus, PeterAssistant Stage Manager