Much Ado About Nothing
Title:Much Ado About Nothing
Company:Bard on the Beach
Director:Douglas Campbell
Location:Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Performance Dates:2001-06-11
Play:Much Ado About Nothing
Contributors:Bard on the Beach

Cast & Crew:
Barr, KathleenBeatrice
Bass, BenHero
Scott Bellis, Mr.Sexton
Scott Bellis, Mr.Don John
Cairns, ChristopherMessenger, The Watch, Attendant
Paul Gibson, DeanDon Pedro
Heath, ColinVerges
Heath, ColinBalthasar
Holden, MarkConrade
Jennifer Lines, Ms.Margaret
David Marr, Mr.Benedick
Paterson, JohnMessenger, The Watch, Attendant
Renn, JeffreyBorachio
Robison, IanFriar Francis
Max Runte, KurtClaudio
Christopher Weddell, Mr.Antonio
Wilkin, JeremyLeonato
Wilson, DenyseLady
Wylie, MoiraUrsula
Zinyk, AllanDogberry
Campbell, DouglasDirector
Christopher Weddell, Mr.Director
Mara Gottler, Ms.Costume Design
Fedoruk, RonScenography
M. Riter, AndrewLighting Design
Ryan, GeorgeOriginal Music Composed & Performed by
Stephen Courtenay, Mr.Production Stage Manager