Campanadas a medianoche/Falstaff/Chimes at Midnight
Title:Campanadas a medianoche/Falstaff/Chimes at Midnight
Director:Angelo Francesco Lavignino
Plays:Henry V
  Henry IV, Part 2
  Richard II
  The Merry Wives of Windsor
  Henry IV, Part 1
Contributors:Kenneth Rothwell

Cast & Crew:
Webb, AlanJustice Shallow
Rey, FernandoWorcester
Rodway, NormanHenry Percy
Beckley, TonyPoins
Rutherford, MargaretHostess Quickly
Aldridge, MichaelPistol
Baxter, KeithPrince Hal
Bedford, PaddyCast
Chiari, WalterSilence
Farrell, CharlesSupernumeraries
Faulds, AndrewWestmoreland
Gielgud, JohnKing Henry IV
Hilbert, FernandoCast
Mejuto, AndrésCast
Moreau, JeanneDoll Tearsheet
Nieto, JoséNorthumberland
Peña, JulioCast
Pyott, KeithCast
Ralph Richardson, SirNarrator
Rowe, JeremyCast
Vlady, MarinaKate Percy
Welles, BeatriceThe Child
Welles, OrsonFalstaff
Francesco Lavignino, AngeloDirector
Urbini, PierluigiDirector
Escolano, ÁngelExecutive Producer
Fuentes, TonyProducer
Piedra, EmilianoExecutive Producer
Tasca, AlessandroExecutive Producer
Welles, OrsonProducer
Antonio Guerra, JoséComposer
Madrid, CornejoComposer
Welles, OrsonChoreography