A Midsummer Night's Dream
Oregon Shakespeare Festival1971 f
Oregon Shakespeare Festival1966 f
Unknown1937 t
Unknown1947 t
Cartier, Rudolph1958 t
Kemp-Welch, Joan1964 t
Unknown t
Brook, Peter1972 t
Philip, R.1979 t
Wilson, David1981 t
Moshinsky, Elijah1981 t
Ardolino, Emile1982 t
Hall, Peter1982 t
Dorn, Dieter1984 t
Martins, Peter1986 t
Shakespeare's Globe2008 f
Kent, Charles1909 t
Unknown1909 t
Unknown1913 t
Neumann, Hans1925 t
Dieterle, William1935 t
Trnka, Jirí1959 t
Hall, Peter1968 t
Unknown1969 t
Allen, Woody1982 t
O'Haver, Tommy2001 t
Hoffman, Michael1999 t
Hines, Timothy1999 t
Noble, Adrian1996 t
Unknown1992 t
Edzard, Christine2001 t
Bard on the Beach1999 f
Shakespeare Theatre Company2003 f
Shakespeare Theatre Company1999 f
Upstart Crow Theatre Group1998 f
Bard on the Beach1990 f
Bard on the Beach1991 f
Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan1999 f
Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival2001 f
Colorado Shakespeare Festival1967 f
Colorado Shakespeare Festival1974 f
Colorado Shakespeare Festival1959 f
Colorado Shakespeare Festival1979 f
Colorado Shakespeare Festival1988 f
Colorado Shakespeare Festival1996 f
Colorado Shakespeare Festival2002 f
River City Shakespeare Festival/Free Will Players2003 f
Upstart Crow Theatre Group2004 f
Marin Shakespeare Company2003 f
Marin Shakespeare Company1996 f
Marin Shakespeare Company1994 f
The Old Globe2006 f
American Repertory Theatre1980 f
American Repertory Theatre2004 f
A Company of Fools2004 f
Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis2002 f
Nebraska Shakespeare Festival1988 f
Nebraska Shakespeare Festival1998 f
The Bell Shakespeare Company2000 f
The Bell Shakespeare Company2004 f
Shakespeare Santa Cruz2001 f
Shakespeare Santa Cruz1991 f
Shakespeare and Company2007 f
Shakespeare and Company1978 f
Shakespeare and Company2001 f
Idaho Shakespeare Festival1998 f
Idaho Shakespeare Festival1999 f
Idaho Shakespeare Festival1993 f
Idaho Shakespeare Festival1986 f
Bard on the Beach2006 f
Shakespeare and Company2002 f
Staatsschauspiel Dresden1921 f
Staatsschauspiel Dresden1930 f
Staatsschauspiel Dresden1939 f
Staatsschauspiel Dresden1954 f
Staatsschauspiel Dresden1974 f
Staatsschauspiel Dresden2000 f
British Shakespeare Company2006 f
British Shakespeare Company2005 f
British Shakespeare Company2002 f
British Shakespeare Company1998 f
British Shakespeare Company1995 f
St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival2007 f
Colorado Shakespeare Festival2007 f
Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss2007 f
Burgtheater2007 f
Shakespeare by the Sea - Sydney2003 f
First Folio Shakespeare Festival2004 f
First Folio Shakespeare Festival1998 f
Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss2006 f
Idaho Shakespeare Festival1977 f
Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss2004 f
Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss2003 f
Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss2003 f
A Company of Fools1982 f
Cotuit Center for the Arts2007 f
Idaho Shakespeare Festival2003 f
Theatre Nomad1995 f
Shakespeare by the Sea - Halifax1995 f
Shakespeare by the Sea - Halifax1996 f
Shakespeare by the Sea - Halifax2000 f
Shakespeare by the Sea - Halifax2003 f
Shakespeare by the Sea - Halifax2004 f
Theater Bielefeld2003 f
Atlanta Shakespeare Company2004 f
Atlanta Shakespeare Company2004 f
Atlanta Shakespeare Company2006 f
Atlanta Shakespeare Company2008 f
Clwyd Theatr Cymru2008 f
Unicorn Theatre2008 f
The Egg2008 f
Kaos Theatre2008 f
British Shakespeare Company2008 f
Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss2008 f
Unknown1937 t
Unknown1938 t
Benthall, Michael1957 t
Unknown1954 t
Bellin, Harvey1985 t
Weir, Peter1989 t
Bard on the Beach2003 f
St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival2006 f
Chatterton, Valerie2008 f
Langham Court (Victoria Theatre Guild)2008 f
Gustafson, Tom2008 t
Shakespeare Santa Cruz2009 f
Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss2010 f
Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss2010 f
Brentwood Shakespeare Company2006 f
Oregon Shakespeare Festival1949 f
The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey2011 f
Victoria Shakespeare Society2005 f
Edwards, Dave1992 t
Atlanta Shakespeare Company2012 f
American Shakespeare Center2012 f
American Shakespeare Center2012 f
Original Shakespeare Company2013 f
Shakespeare Theatre Company2013 f
Chapterhouse Theatre Company2013 f
Mackey, Adrienne2013 f
Schachter, Beth2012 f
Bard on the Beach2014 f
Shakespeare and Company2014 f
Theatre for a New Audience2013 f
Gebhard, Fran2014 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1960 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1976 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1977 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1968 f
Stratford Festival of Canada2004 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1984 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1999 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1989 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1968 f
Stratford Festival of Canada2009 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1993 f
Stratford Festival of Canada2014 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1990 f
Stratford Festival of Canada2014 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1993 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1982 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1986 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1971 f