Henry V
Oregon Shakespeare Festival1952 f
Oregon Shakespeare Festival1963 f
Oregon Shakespeare Festival1973 f
Unknown1964 t
Unknown1953 t
Freed, Lorne1967 t
Francesco Lavignino, Angelo1966 t
Beck, Reginald1943 t
MacMillan, Kenneth1989 t
Branagh, Kenneth1990 t
Bard on the Beach2002 f
Colorado Shakespeare Festival1992 f
Colorado Shakespeare Festival1961 f
Ponnelle, Jean-Pierre1998 t
Colorado Shakespeare Festival1980 f
Colorado Shakespeare Festival2000 f
River City Shakespeare Festival/Free Will Players2003 f
Upstart Crow Theatre Group2005 f
Marin Shakespeare Company1999 f
American Repertory Theatre1995 f
Heart of America Shakespeare Festival2006 f
Nebraska Shakespeare Festival1996 f
Nebraska Shakespeare Festival2007 f
The Bell Shakespeare Company1999 f
Shakespeare Santa Cruz1987 f
Shakespeare and Company2002 f
British Shakespeare Company2007 f
British Shakespeare Company1998 f
Idaho Shakespeare Festival2003 f
Shakespeare by the Sea - Halifax1998 f
Royal Shakespeare Company2007 f
Maverick Theatre2008 f
Maverick Theatre2008 f
Atlanta Shakespeare Company2003 f
Unknown1937 t
Unknown1953 t
Hayes, Michael1960 t
Dews, Peter1957 t
Hayes, Michael1960 t
Unknown1944 t
Marshall, Penny1994 t
MacNaughton, Ian1973 t
Judith Shakespeare Company2002 f
Judith Shakespeare Company2005 f
Babakitis, Peter2007 t
Bard on the Beach2010 f
Smeraka, Jason2000 t
Muse of Fire Theatre Company2009 f
KeepItSimple Theatre Productions2011 f
Sharrock, Thea2012 t
Folger Shakespeare Library2013 f
The Slightly Skewed Shakespeare Series2014 f
Stratford Festival of Canada2012 f
The English Shakespeare Company1989 t
Greater Victoria Shakespeare Festival2014 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1989 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1980 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1966 f
Stratford Festival of Canada2012 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1956 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1967 t
Stratford Festival of Canada1956 f
Stratford Festival of Canada2001 f
Stratford Festival of Canada2016 f