Henry IV, Part 2
Oregon Shakespeare Festival1972 f
Unknown1959 t
Pierre Ponnelle, Jean1976 t
Giles, David1979 t
Unknown1983 t
Unknown1985 t
George Solti, Sir1985 t
Unknown1969 t
Van Sant, Gus1991 t
Bogdanov, Michael1990 t
Shakespeare Theatre Company2004 f
Oregon Shakespeare Festival1962 f
Colorado Shakespeare Festival1965 f
Ponnelle, Jean-Pierre1998 t
Colorado Shakespeare Festival1979 f
Upstart Crow Theatre Group2005 f
American Repertory Theatre1993 f
Staatsschauspiel Dresden1927 f
Colorado Shakespeare Festival1999 f
Royal Shakespeare Company2007 f
Royal Shakespeare Company2008 f
Atlanta Shakespeare Company2003 f
Shakespeare Theater Diever2006 f
Hayes, Michael1960 t
Hayes, Michael1960 t
Seabourne, Peter1974 t
The Bell Shakespeare Company1998 f
The Bell Shakespeare Company1998 f
Francesco Lavignino, Angelo1966 t
Reynolds, Edgar2007 t
Judith Shakespeare Company2002 f
Judith Shakespeare Company2005 f
Bard on the Beach2010 f
Oregon Shakespeare Festival2011 f
Eyre, Richard2012 t
The Slightly Skewed Shakespeare Series2014 f
Colorado Shakespeare Festival2014 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1965 f
Stratford Festival of Canada1979 f
Stratford Festival of Canada2001 f
Royal Shakespeare Company2014 f
Stratford Festival of Canada2016 f