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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: William Godshalk
Peer Reviewed

Troilus and Cressida (Quarto 1, 1609)

of Troylus and Cresseida.
A guard of patience, stay a little while.
Ther: How the diuell Luxury with his fat rumpe and po-
tato finger, tickles together; frye lechery frye.
3040Dio: Will you then?
Cres: In faith I will lo, neuer trust me else.
Dio: Giue me some token for the surety of it.
Cres: Ile fetch you one. Exit.
Vlis: You haue sworne patience:
3045Troy: Feare me not my Lord.
I will not be my selfe, nor haue cognition
Of what I feele, I am all patience: Enter Cress.
Ther: Now the pledge, now, now, now.
Cres: Heere Diomed keepe this sleeue.
3050Troy: O beauty where is thy faith!
Vlis: My Lord.
Troy: You looke vpon that sleeue behold it well,
Hee loue,d me (oh false wench) giu't me againe:
3055Dio: Whose wast?
Cres: It is no matter now I ha't againe.
I will not meete with you to morrow night:
I prethee Diomed visite me no more.
Ther: Now shee sharpens, well said Whetstone.
3060Dio: I shall haue it.
Cres: What this? Dio: I that.
Cres: O all you gods; O pretty pretty pledge!
Thy maister now lyes thinking on his bed
3065Of thee and mee, and sighes, and takes my gloue,
And giues memoriall dainty kisses to it, as I kisse thee.
Dio: Nay do not snatch it from me.
Cres: He that takes that doth take my heart withall.
3070Dio: I had your heart before, this followes it.
Troy: I did sweare patience.
You shall not haue it Diomed, faith you shall not,
Ile giue you something else.
Dio: I will haue this, whose was it?
3075Cres: It is no matter.
Dio. Come tell me whose it was?
Cres. Twas on's that lou'd me better then you will,
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