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  • Title: The Tempest (Folio 1, 1623)
  • Editors: Brent Whitted, Paul Yachnin
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-370-0

    Copyright Internet Shakespeare Editions. This text may be freely used for educational, non-proift purposes; for all other uses contact the Coordinating Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editors: Brent Whitted, Paul Yachnin
    Peer Reviewed

    The Tempest (Folio 1, 1623)

    Scena Tertia.

    Enter Alonso, Sebastian, Anthonio, Gonzallo,
    1515Adrian, Francisco, &c.
    Gon. By'r lakin, I can goe no further, Sir,
    My old bones akes: here's a maze trod indeede
    Through fourth-rights, & Meanders: by your patience,
    I needes must rest me.
    1520Al. Old Lord, I cannot blame thee,
    Who, am my selfe attach'd with wearinesse
    To th'dulling of my spirits: Sit downe, and rest:
    Euen here I will put off my hope, and keepe it
    No longer for my Flatterer: he is droun'd
    1525Whom thus we stray to finde, and the Sea mocks
    Our frustrate search on land: well, let him goe.
    Ant. I am right glad, that he's so out of hope:
    Doe not for one repulse forgoe the purpose
    That you resolu'd t'effect.
    1530Seb. The next aduantage will we take throughly.
    Ant. Let it be to night,
    For now they are oppress'd with trauaile, they
    Will not, nor cannot vse such vigilance
    As when they are fresh.
    1535 Solemne and strange Musicke: and Prosper on the top (inui-
    sible:) Enter seuerall strange shapes, bringing in a Banket;
    and dance about it with gentle actions of salutations, and
    inuiting the King, &c. to eate, they depart.
    Seb. I say to night: no more.
    1540Al. What harmony is this? my good friends, harke.
    Gon. Maruellous sweet Musicke.
    Alo. Giue vs kind keepers, heauẽs: what were these?
    Seb. A liuing Drolerie: now I will beleeue
    That there are Vnicornes: that in Arabia
    1545There is one Tree, the Phœnix throne, one Phœnix
    At this houre reigning there.
    Ant. Ile beleeue both:
    And what do's else want credit, come to me
    And Ile besworne 'tis true: Trauellers nere did lye,
    1550Though fooles at home condemne 'em.
    Gon. If in Naples
    I should report this now, would they beleeue me?
    If I should say I saw such Islands;
    (For certes, these are people of the Island)
    1555Who though they are of monstrous shape, yet note
    Their manners are more gentle, kinde, then of
    Our humaine generation you shall finde
    Many, nay almost any.
    Pro. Honest Lord,
    1560Thou hast said well: for some of you there present;
    Are worse then diuels.
    Al. I cannot too much muse
    Such shapes, such gesture, and such sound expressing
    (Although they want the vse of tongue) a kinde
    1565Of excellent dumbe discourse.
    Pro. Praise in departing.
    Fr. They vanish'd strangely.
    Seb. No matter, since
    They haue left their Viands behinde; for wee haue sto- (macks.
    1570Wilt please you taste of what is here?
    Alo. Not I.
    Gon. Faith Sir, you neede not feare: when wee were (Boyes
    Who would beleeue that there were Mountayneeres,
    Dew-lapt, like Buls, whose throats had hanging at 'em
    1575Wallets of flesh? or that there were such men

    Whose heads stood in their brests? which now we finde
    Each putter out of fiue for one, will bring vs
    Good warrant of.
    Al. I will stand to, and feede,
    1580Although my last, no matter, since I feele
    The best is past: brother: my Lord, the Duke,
    Stand too, and doe as we.
    Thunder and Lightning. Enter Ariell (like a Harpey) claps
    his wings vpon the Table, and with a quient deuice the
    1585Banquet vanishes.
    Ar. You are three men of sinne, whom destiny
    That hath to instrument this lower world,
    And what is in't: the neuer surfeited Sea,
    Hath caus'd to belch vp you; and on this Island,
    1590Where man doth not inhabit, you 'mongst men,
    Being most vnfit to liue: I haue made you mad;
    And euen with such like valour, men hang, and drowne
    Their proper selues: you fooles, I and my fellowes
    Are ministers of Fate, the Elements
    1595Of whom your swords are temper'd, may as well
    Wound the loud windes, or with bemockt-at-Stabs
    Kill the still closing waters, as diminish
    One dowle that's in my plumbe: My fellow ministers
    Are like-invulnerable: if you could hurt,
    1600Your swords are now too massie for your strengths,
    And will not be vplifted: But remember
    (For that's my businesse to you) that you three
    From Millaine did supplant good Prospero,
    Expos'd vnto the Sea (which hath requit it)
    1605Him, and his innocent childe: for which foule deed,
    The Powres, delaying (not forgetting) haue
    Incens'd the Seas, and Shores; yea, all the Creatures
    Against your peace: Thee of thy Sonne, Alonso
    They haue bereft; and doe pronounce by me
    1610Lingring perdition (worse then any death
    Can be at once) shall step, by step attend
    You, and your wayes, whose wraths to guard you from,
    Which here, in this most desolate Isle, else fals
    Vpon your heads, is nothing but hearts-sorrow,
    1615And a cleere life ensuing.
    He vanishes in Thunder: then (to soft Musicke.) Enter the
    shapes againe, and daunce (with mockes and mowes) and
    carrying out the Table.
    Pro. Brauely the figure of this Harpie, hast thou
    1620Perform'd (my Ariell) a grace it had deuouring:
    Of my Instruction, hast thou nothing bated
    In what thou had'st to say: so with good life,
    And obseruation strange, my meaner ministers
    Their seuerall kindes haue done: my high charmes work,
    1625And these (mine enemies) are all knit vp
    In their distractions: they now are in my powre;
    And in these fits, I leaue them, while I visit
    Yong Ferdinand (whom they suppose is droun'd)
    And his, and mine lou'd darling.
    1630Gon. I'th name of something holy, Sir, why stand you
    In this strange stare?
    Al. O, it is monstrous: monstrous:
    Me thought the billowes spoke, and told me of it,
    The windes did sing it to me: and the Thunder
    1635(That deepe and dreadfull Organ-Pipe) pronounc'd
    The name of Prosper: it did base my Trespasse,
    Therefore my Sonne i'th Ooze is bedded; and
    I'le seeke him deeper then ere plummet sounded,
    And with him there lye mudded. Exit.
    1640Seb. But one feend at a time,
    Ile fight their Legions ore.