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  • Title: King Lear (Quarto 2, 1619)
  • Editor: Pervez Rizvi
  • Coordinating editor: Michael Best
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-463-9

    Copyright Michael Best. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: Pervez Rizvi
    Not Peer Reviewed

    King Lear (Quarto 2, 1619)

    The History of King Lear.
    Take vp to keepe, and follow me that will to some proui sio[n]
    Giue thee quicke conduct.
    2056.1 Kent. Oppre s s ed nature sleepes,
    This re st might yet haue balmed thy broken sinewes,
    Which if conuenience will not allow, stand in hard cure,
    Come helpe to beare thy Ma ster, thou mu st not stay behinde.
    2056.5 Glo st . Come, come, away. Exit.
    Edg. When we our betters see bearing our woes,
    We scarsely thinke our miseries our foes.
    Who alone suffers, mo st i'th minde,
    Leauing free things and happy showes behinde,
    2056.10 But then the minde much sufferance doth ore-skip,
    When griefe hath mates, and bearing fellow ship:
    How light and portable my paine seemes now,
    When that which makes me bend, makes the King bow;
    He childed as I fatherd, Tom away,
    2056.15 Marke the high noises, and thy selfe bewray,
    When false opinion, whose wrong thoughts defile thee,
    In thy iu st proofe repeals and reconciles thee,
    What will hap more to night, safe scape the King,
    Lurke, lurke.

    Enter Cornwall, Regan, Gonorill, and Ba stard.

    2060 Corn. Po ste speedily to my Lord your husband, shew him this
    The army of France is landed, seeke out the villaine Gloce ster.
    Reg. Hang him in stantly.
    Gon. Plucke out his eyes.
    2065 Corn. Leaue him to my displeasure, Edmund keepe you our si -
    ster company. The reuenge we are bound to take vpon your trai-
    terous father, are not fit for your beholding, aduise the Duke
    where you are going to a mo st fe stuant preparation, wee are
    bound to the like.
    Our po ste shall be swift and intelligence betwixt vs;
    2070 Farwell deare si ster, farwell my Lord of Gloce ster.
    How now, wheres the King?