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  • Title: King Lear (Quarto 1, 1608)
  • Editor: Michael Best
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-463-9

    Copyright Michael Best. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: Michael Best
    Not Peer Reviewed

    King Lear (Quarto 1, 1608)

    The Hi storie of King Lear.
    Or well, or ill, as this dayes battels fought. Exit.
    2845 Enter Edmund, Regan, and their powers.
    Ba st . Know of the Duke if his la st purpose hold,
    Or whether since he is aduis'd by ought
    To change the course, he's full of abdication
    2850 And selfe reprouing, bring his con stant pleasure.
    Reg. Our si sters man is certainly miscaried,
    Ba st . Tis to be doubted Madam,
    Reg. Now sweet Lord,
    You know the goodnes I intend vpon you,
    2855 Tell me but truly, but then speak the truth,
    Doe you not loue my si ster ? Ba st . I, honor'd loue.
    Reg. But haue you neuer found my brothers way,
    To the forfended place? Ba st . That thought abuses you.
    2859.1 Reg. I am doubtfull that you haue beene coniunct and bo-
    som'd with hir, as far as we call hirs.
    2860 Ba st . No by mine honour Madam.
    Reg. I neuer shall indure hir, deere my Lord bee not familiar(with her.
    Ba st . Feare me not, shee and the Duke her husband.
    Enter Albany and Gonorill with troupes.
    2864.1 Gono. I had rather loose the battaile, then that si ster should
    loosen him nd mee.
    2865 Alb. Our very louing si ster well be-met
    For this I heare the King is come to his daughter
    With others, whome the rigour of our state
    For st to crie out, where I could not be hone st
    2868.1 I neuer yet was valiant, for this bu sines
    It touches vs, as France inuades our land
    Not bolds the King, with others whome I feare,
    Mo st iu st and heauy causes make oppose.
    Ba st . Sir you speake nobly. Reg. Why is this reason'd ?
    2870 Gono. Combine togither gain st the enemy,
    For these dome stique dore particulars
    Are not to que stion here.
    Alb. Let vs then determine with the auntient of warre on our
    proceedings. Bast . I shall attend you presently at your tent.
    2875 Reg. Si ster you'l goe with vs? Gon. No.
    Reg. Tis mo st conuenient, pray you goe with vs.