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  • Title: Hamlet (Quarto 2, 1604)
  • Textual editor: Eric Rasmussen
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-434-9

    Copyright Internet Shakespeare Editions. This text may be freely used for educational, non-proift purposes; for all other uses contact the Coordinating Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Hamlet (Quarto 2, 1604)

    The Tragedie of Hamlet
    Now the King drinkes to Hamlet, come beginne. Trumpets the while.
    3740 And you the Iudges beare a wary eye.
    Ham. Come on sir.
    Laer. Come my Lord.
    Ham. One.
    Laer. No.
    3745 Ham. Iudgement.
    O strick. A hit, a very palpable hit. Drum, trumpets and shot.
    Laer. Well, againe. Flori sh, a peece goes off .
    King. Stay, giue me drinke, Hamlet this pearle is thine.
    3750 Heeres to thy health: giue him the cup.
    Ham. Ile play this bout fir st, set it by a while
    Come, another hit. What say you?
    Laer. I doe confe st.
    3755 King. Our sonne shall winne.
    Quee. Hee's fat and scant of breath.
    Heere Hamlet take my napkin rub thy browes,
    The Queene carowses to thy fortune Hamlet.
    Ham. Good Madam.
    3760 King. Gertrard doe not drinke.
    Quee. I will my Lord, I pray you pardon me.
    King. It is the poysned cup, it is too late.
    Ham. I dare not drinke yet Madam, by and by.
    Quee. Come, let me wipe thy face.
    Laer. My Lord, Ile hit him now.
    King. I doe not think't.
    Laer. And yet it is almo st again st my conscience.
    3770 Ham. Come for the third Laertes, you doe but dally.
    I pray you pa s s e with your be st violence
    I am sure you make a wanton of me.
    Laer. Say you so, come on.
    3775 O str. Nothing neither way.
    Laer. Haue at you now.
    King. Part them, they are incen st.
    Ham. Nay come againe.
    3780 O str. Looke to the Queene there howe.
    Hora. They bleed on both sides, how is it my Lord?
    O str. How i st Laertes?
    Laer. Why as a woodcock to mine owne sprindge O strick,