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  • Title: Hamlet (Quarto 1, 1603)
  • Textual editor: Eric Rasmussen
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-434-9

    Copyright Internet Shakespeare Editions. This text may be freely used for educational, non-proift purposes; for all other uses contact the Coordinating Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Hamlet (Quarto 1, 1603)

    Prince of Denmarke.
    in the fall of a sparrow: heere comes the King.
    Enter King, Queene, Leartes, Lordes.
    King Now sonne Hamlet, we hane laid vpon your head,
    3677.1 And make no que stion but to haue the be st.
    Ham. Your maie stie hath laide a the weaker side.
    3715 King We doubt it not, deliuer them the foiles.
    Ham. Fir st Leartes, heere's my hand and loue,
    3678.1 Prote sting that I neuer wrongd Leartes.
    If Hamlet in his madne s s e did ami s s e,
    That was not Hamlet, but his madnes did it,
    And all the wrong I e're did to Leartes,
    I here proclaime was madnes, therefore lets be at peace,
    3695 And thinke I haue shot mine arrow o're the house,
    And hurt my brother.
    Lear. Sir I am satis fied in nature,
    But in termes of honor I'le stand aloofe,
    3700 And will no reconcilement,
    Till by some elder mai sters of our time
    3701.1 I may be satisfied.
    3715 King Giue them the foyles.
    3710 Ham. I'le be your foyle Leartes, these foyles,
    3725 Haue all a laught, come on sir: a hit.
    Lear. No none. Heere they play:
    3745 Ham. Iudgement.
    Gent. A hit, a mo st palpable hit.
    Lear. Well, come againe. They play againe.
    Ham. Another. Iudgement.
    Lear. I, I grant, a tuch, a tuch.
    King Here Hamlet, the king doth drinke a health to thee
    Queene Here Hamlet, take my napkin, wipe thy face.
    3750 King Giue him the wine.
    Ham. Set it by, I'le haue another bowt fir st,
    3752.1 I'le drinke anone.
    Queene Here Hamlet, thy mother drinkes to thee.
    3758.1 Shee drinkes.
    3760 King Do not drinke Gertred: O t'is the poysned cup!