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  • Title: Hamlet (Quarto 1, 1603)
  • Textual editor: Eric Rasmussen
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-434-9

    Copyright Internet Shakespeare Editions. This text may be freely used for educational, non-proift purposes; for all other uses contact the Coordinating Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Hamlet (Quarto 1, 1603)

    Prince of Denmarke
    Ham. And why a tanner?
    Clowne Why his hide is so tanned with his trade,
    That it will holde out water, that's a parlous
    Deuourer of your dead body, a great soaker.
    Looke you, heres
    a scull hath bin here this dozen yeare,
    Let me see, I euer since our la st king Hamlet
    3335 Slew Fortenbra s s e in combat, yong Hamlets father,
    Hee that's mad.
    Ham. I mary, how came he madde?
    Clowne Ifaith very strangely, by loo sing of his wittes.
    3350 Ham. Vpon what ground?
    Clowne A this ground, in Denmarke.
    3351.1 Ham. Where is he now?
    Clowne Why now they sent him to England.
    3340 Ham. To England! wherefore?
    Clowne Why they say he shall haue his wittes there,
    Or if he haue not, t'is no great matter there,
    It will not be seene there.
    Ham. Why not there?
    Clowne Why there they say the men are as mad as he.
    Ham. Whose scull was this?
    Clowne This, a plague on him, a madde rogues it was,
    He powred once a whole flagon of Rheni sh of my head,
    3365 Why do not you know him? this was one Yorickes scull.
    3370 Ham. Was this? I prethee let me see it, alas poore Yoricke
    I knew him Horatio,
    A fellow of infinite mirth, he hath caried mee twenty times
    vpon his backe, here hung those lippes that I haue Ki s s ed a
    3375 hundred times, and to see, now they abhorre me: Wheres
    your ie sts now Yoricke? your fla shes of meriment: now go
    3380 to my Ladies chamber, and bid her paint her selfe an inch
    thicke, to this she mu st come Yoricke. Horatio, I prethee
    tell me one thing, doo st thou thinke that Alexander looked
    Hor. Euen so my Lord.
    Ham. And smelt thus?