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  • Title: The Famous Victories of Henry V (Modern)
  • Editor: Mathew Martin

  • Copyright Queen's Men Editions. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Author: Anonymous
    Editor: Mathew Martin
    Peer Reviewed

    The Famous Victories of Henry V (Modern)

    [Scene 7]
    Enter Derrick.
    Derrick [Shouts to offstage] Thou art a stinking whore, and a whoreson stinking whore! Dost think I'll take it at thy hands?
    Enter John Cobbler running.
    John Derrick, Derrick, Derrick! Hearest a? Do, Derrick, never while thou livest use that! Why, what will my neighbors say an thou go away so?
    Derrick She's a narrant whore, and I'll have the law on you, John.
    655John Why, what hath she done?
    Derrick Marry, mark thou, John. I will prove it, that I will!
    John What wilt thou prove?
    Derrick That she called me in to dinner -- 660John, mark the tale well, John –- and, when I was set, she brought me a dish of roots and a piece of barrel butter therein. And she is a very knave, and thou a drab if thou take her part.
    John Hearest a, Derrick, is this the matter? 665Nay, an it be no worse, we will go home again, and all shall be amended.
    Derrick O John, hearest a, John, is all well?
    John Ay, all is well.
    Derrick Then I'll go home before and break all the glass 670windows.