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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: Anonymous
Editor: David Bevington
Not Peer Reviewed

Der bestrafte Brudermord (Fratricide Punished)

(From above) I am the sable Night; all sleepers feel my might.
Of Orpheus I am the wife; in vicious pleasures I am rife.
I am guardian of the thief, and the bringer relief to lovers.
5I am the sable Night, and have it in my might
To do all wickedness and cause mankind to rue.
My mantle hides the face of every whore's disgrace.
Ere Phoebus' light shall flame, I shall begin a game.
You offspring of my heart, daughters of lust, come start,
10You Furies; up arise, and let yourselves appear;
Come diligently learn what soon must happen here.
What says dark Night, the Queen of midnight still?
What is there new? What's your desire and will?
Hotfoot from Acheron's pit Maegera stands
15To hear, Witch of Ill Fate, thy sweet commands.
Thisiphone I; what hast in mind? now say
Black Hecate, how to serve thee best I may.
Hearken, all ye three Furies, hear! Offspring of darkness, bearers of all misfortune, listen to your poppy-crowned Queen of Night, protectress of thieves and robbers, friend and light to the incendiary, lover of stolen goods, and most-beloved goddess of all dishonorable loves, how often will my evil altar be honored for this deed! This night and during the coming day you must assist me, for the king of this realm burns in lust for his brother's wife, for whose sake he has murdered him that he may possess her and the kingdom. Now is the hour at hand in which he will celebrate his nuptials with her. I shall throw my mantle over them so that they see not their sin. Wherefore be ready to sow the seeds of discord, mix poison into their marriage and jealousy into their hearts. Kindle a fire of revenge, and make its sparks fly throughout the kingdom, entangle blood-brothers in the snare of incest, rejoice the infernal regions with deeds of ruthless and rancorous malice; be gone, hasten and fulfill my behests.
Enough. I've heard; I'll finish, quickly too,
20More than Night by herself could plan to do.
Pluto himself can not inspire in me
More ill than men shall very shortly see.
I fan the sparks, and make the fire to burn.
Within two days, all joy I'll overturn.
Then haste; I now ascend; your tasks attend!
[Night ascends. Music.]